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Why 2018 Could Be the Best Year Yet For Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market is the hottest, trendiest and the most exhilarating topic in today`s digital world. The investment in crypto markets has pitched over 1250% than the original back in 2008. It would be a dream comes true for Satoshi Nakamoto, who wouldn`t have imagined that his invention would be a phenomenal success till date and still continues to be. The upcoming lists of ICO`s are a valid proof which substantiates the head-spinning rate of crypto-currencies. The trade analysts and technology predictors see 2018 as the best ever year for cryptocurrencies. Let us look how.

1.    Regulation

All the regulations and policies designed by the nations/jurisdictions so as to maintain legal stability, sustainability and reliability. The regulations imbibe the desired confidence to the users and investors.  The perspective towards the crypto-markets is changing for the positive and is encouraging the investors to invest reliably. Nations such as Japan, Australia, South Korea have laid down certain regulations. There was a little drop in the beginning but later the market rose to phenomenal heights. 

2.    A New hopes for startups

The number of startups involving crypto-market projects is mushrooming at an exponential rate. This calls for an increase in the investors and merchants dealing with this e-currency. This trend significantly burnishes the reputation of the digital currencies as well as the companies associated with them.  Success may not be listed in the destiny of some startups but the many will be adorned with the garland of achievements in 2018. People will forget the failed ones as the biggies will continue to dominate over the minds of people and will overshadow the failed ones.

3.    More Legitimate and Genuine ICO`s

With the ongoing and Upcoming ICO`s, the demand for ether is continues rising. The regulation set by most of the countries/nations is further strengthening the ICO and making the process genuine and authentic. The venturing of Big Giants such as Facebook, Telegram and Kodak into Blockchains has already boosted the market capitalization of Ether and is expected to reach $2000 this year.

4.    Scalability

The pioneer of the cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” has seen a steep downfall in the last few days of 2017 and finally picking up well in the beginning of 2018. As per the market researchers and analysts, bitcoin will be holding a market share of more than 75% in the current year. BTC has the largest community of users. The main challenge faced by the BTC is its TPR (transaction per second) which is 12-14 even after applying Segregated Witness protocol. Scalability works have been going on such as second Layer p2p off chain and improved consensus algorithms, to improve the rate. Rather than using POW(Proof of work), other faster and more reliable algorithms such as DPOS have taken over the charge.

5.    Liquidity Flow into the e-world

Another major reason than 2018 will make histories is the cash liquidity flow into the crypto-world is expected to cross the planned scenario. Till now around $10 to $20 Billion has already been invested and is expected to reach $500 billion capitalization in 2018.